The Art and the Artist

At every stage of Jewish history, the Jews and their ancestors expressed themselves in various art forms which inevitably reflect contemporary styles and fashions and the environment in which they lived, for purposes of cult and of religious observance. As prescribed that God should be “adorned” by the use of beautiful implements for the performance of religious observances (‘Zeh Keili v’anveihu’). Jewish art declined somewhat at the turn of the last century, over the past few decades there has been a great resurgence of interest in high end Judaica, as Jewish identity became an increasing concern in the visual arts.

Shemtov Ben Shlomo, the owner of “Jewish-Arts.com”, is very devoted to the “spirit” in Jewish art. As an autodidact, he has learned to combine styles and techniques that make his artwork look unique and original. Being a certified “sopher” ( scribe), he writes all his texts. He also binds his manuscripts himself. S. Ben Shlomo is a Jerusalem/Israel based artist who draws inspiration from his Jewish heritage and his learnings. He has been active in the Jewish art scene for over 25 years. His creations include Illuminated manuscripts, Scrolls (Esther, Shir Hashirim, Ruth etc….), wall paintings and more……His works grace private collections and homes of art lovers from all over the world.

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